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Predictive Maintenance @ L&T

Utilizing Predictive Maintenance intelligently anticipates machine breakdowns, proactively preventing issues by accurately identifying and addressing root causes, ensuring optimal operational efficiency.

A machine, fitted with sensors like vibration, temperature, and pressure, transmits real-time data through algorithms hosted on LimePi Zero—a multifunctional Gateway. This system predicts anomalies, triggers alarms, and displays live monitoring on a custom web app with insightful dashboards.

Crane Monitoring @ L&T

Enhancing safety and efficiency, our intelligent crane monitoring system at L&T provides real-time tracking of crane movements on a dashboard. It triggers alarms and alerts if safety locks are bypassed, preventing potential accidents.

  • Monitor crane motor VFD parameters for optimal operation.

  • Employ advanced anti-collision technology for increased safety.

  • LimeCore Pro device acts as a gateway, relaying data and issuing alarms.

  • Data presented on a custom web dashboard for detailed analysis.

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Exceptional results, unparalleled innovation—our business soared to new heights with their custom solutions and unwavering commitment to excellence.


Sunny Khatri

CEO, TraxBee

Transformative and reliable—our partnership with this business has been a game-changer, delivering top-notch solutions that exceeded our expectations.


Nilesh Jambucha

Founder, TraxBee

Revolutionizing reliability with their predictive maintenance prowess, this team's foresight and precision have saved us time and resources, ensuring seamless operations and minimal downtime.


Parth Acharya

CTO, Nikka Instruments

From vision to reality—our website designed by this team is not just visually stunning but also seamlessly functional, elevating our online presence and user experience to unprecedented levels.


Smit Patel

Owner, Sayaji Bio Energies